Brian Spicer I have used Simpsons a number of times, their service is prompt and is the best around. Thanks again Simpsons, Bryan was professional and awesome!
Brian Spicer
Eric Roscoe Great service from Josh and the guys, took great care of my truck would recommend!
Eric Roscoe
Anne Blanchette I can't tell you enough how special the guys at Simpson's Towing are. I still can't believe the outstanding customer service they provided me and I really wanted to share my story. I live in Manchester, MD and while my daughter thought it would be a good idea for her and her boyfriend to make one last trip to Ocean City, MD it was anything but that. One the last night of their trip they broke down and called me for help. I rented a dolly, hooked it up to my F-150 and headed their way. I retrieved their vehicle and while exiting a fruit stand on route 50, the studs on my rear tire sheared and the entire wheel fell off. Stranded now with two broken down vehicles, I called Simpsons. They responded quickly, helped me disconnect the dolley from the truck and really cared about how they winched my truck up on the flatbed for transport to the local ford dealer. As a dummy, I decided to stay with my other broken down vehicle while my wife who was stuck in traffic was bringing our other truck. A couple hrs passed with no progress, so I called Simpsons back and asked them if they could take us and tow our other car to the dealer as well. Again, They quickly picked us up and not only took us to the ford dealer but inspected my truck and assured me they could have another driver who was a mechanic, meet us while they ran to the local auto parts store, picked up studs, lug nuts, and then would install everything, mount the tire and get us back on our way. This is exactly what they did! They saved me a night at a hotel, tons of inconvienence and who knows how much at the ford dealer. I don't know about you but I've never in my 46 years of being alive run into human beings this kind, caring, considerate, hard working and honest. It may sound corny, but on this day, Simpsons not only rescued my family and broken down vehicles, they also restored my faith in humanity and I will always be gratefull to them for that.
Anne Blanchette
Tamara Martin Tow operators are courteous and know what they are doing. These guys ROCK!!!
Tamara Martin
Vincent Buddy Moore We always used Simpson's for our towing needs, always satisfied. Very good service and skilled drivers!
Vincent Buddy Moore
Duane Ennis I'd like to thank you guys for being as always prompt and affordable.
Duane Ennis