First, look for Tow Away signs on the property. There should be signs posted with a towing company listed. If not, call the police to see if they had it towed.
Call or come by and reconcile any accrued fees so your vehicle can be released.
No you do not, as long as the keys are with it.
Only if you're buying one for us as well!
Yes you can, we will pick the car up next Friday.
Yes you still need to pay. No, our business is not funded by your tax dollars.
Yes you can, we accept credit card payment over the phone.
Yes you can, our drivers can accept cash or credit.
Yes we do accept checks from local banks with the check number over 1000.
Yes we do jump starts, tire changes and lock outs for autos. We also do miscellaneous repairs heavy duty trucks.
Yes we are equipped to regen your truck if needed.